Customer Support

JSWD has the following CGI Scripts available for your use. Simply send an email to to have a script installed in your site.

This setup is free, but we have to configure your account for it. Be sure to include your username, password, domain name and the script you want installed.

  • Graphic Hit Counter - Add a hit counter to your site, choice of styles are available.
  • Message Board - One of the most popular scripts on the web. Visitors may post, read, and reply to messages. Includes the administration page for deleting single messages or entire threads.
  • Guestbook - Allow visitors to leave messages on your guestbook.
  • Formmail - This allows you to define a form on a web page and an email format in which to mail the form contents and/or save them to a data file.
  • Schedule of Events - Keep a schedule of upcoming events for your visitors. Events are added and edited from the Schedule Editor via your browser. Events are automatically sorted by date and deleted as the event date passes.
  • Search - Allows people to set up a search of your site, so that they can enter keywords and find all documents matching those keywords.
  • Day/Date Display - Displays a simple text day and/or date stamp on a web page.
  • AddList - This feature allows visitors to add their email addresses to a mail list from your web site. This allows visitors to your site to opt-in to receive email updates from you.